A Stunning Kerora Village in Rinca Island

In Rinca Island, you can find interesting villages. Here is an example. The name is Kerora Village. It is inhabited by about 500 villagers. Many visitors come to this small village due to its natural attractions. The most favorite activities are trekking and snorkeling. You can also enjoy the scenery from the hills. In a nutshell, the village is suitable for an adventure and a relaxation. Most of the visitors are nature lovers. Some of them are photographers. It is because Kerora offers many stunning objects. These include beaches, hills, plants, etc.

The Nuance
Once you reach Kerora Village, you can feel a solemn ambiance. The sky is blue and the wind is soothing. The beaches will make you speechless. On top of that, you can find green and stunning hills. It is perfect for trekking. Not to mention you can witness mountains across the sea. Some parts of the beach are shallow. That means you can play comfortably in the water. The sand is soft and white. It is a paradise! Don’t forget to carry some clothes and a camera.

Exploring Kerora Village
Most of the visitors come to the village for trekking. There are numerous trekking paths, so you can choose the right one. For the best adventure, you should choose the longest one. It takes much stamina, though. Usually, tourists may choose a medium trek. The final destination is the Panorama Hill. From here, you are able to witness unparalleled scenery. For beginners, it is better to come with a tour guide. At least, he can help you get around the village comfortably.

Apart from trekking, you can play in the shorelines. The water is crystal clear. For couples, these beaches are indeed quite romantic. One thing, you should know how to get to these beaches. No worries. You can rely on the locals. Also, there are no facilities nearby. You should have prepared some clothes. It is also wise to carry some snacks and fresh water. If you want to relax on the sand, you must carry a mat. Also, the sun can be quite hot. A sunblock is indeed recommended.

Another interesting activity is to explore Kerora Village. There are not many villagers here. In fact, it has a smaller number of villagers than Rinca Village. Most of the locals work as a fisherman. There are only a few of carvers. The others work as a tour guide. They can earn lots of money during holidays. The tourists may buy their carvings and souvenirs, as well. If you are lucky, you will be invited to their house.

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How to Get There
Kerora Village is located on Rinca Island. You can reach it from Labuan Bajo. The trip takes 2-3 hours by a boat. If you come from Bali, you can either take a plane or a ferry. Once you reach Labuan Bajo, you can rent a local boat to Rinca Island.

Where to Stay
Here are some best hotels to stay in Labuan Bajo:

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