Majestic Cancar Spider Rice Field in East Manggarai Regency, NTT

Nature tourism is always tempting, especially for passionate travelers. In East Nusa Tenggara Province, there is a unique tourist spot to visit. The location is in East Manggarai Regency and the name is Cancar Spider Rice Field. Why is the name, actually? It is all because of the shape of such rice field, which is similar to spider’s net. The farmers grow the rice in such peculiar formation, so they are able to take advantage of the irrigation in an efficient manner. Not to mention it becomes tourists’ lure in Flores Island.

The Nuance
As you may expect, the rice field has a unique shape as it consists of several farms and combines into a shape of the spider’s net. That means the size is different from each other. If you come at the right time, the green color of the rice field appears beautifully. The air is refreshing and the wind is gusty, so tourists are able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in this area. That means Cancar Rice field is suitable for relaxation and find peace.

Exploring Cancar Spider Rice Field
Flores Island is not only about beaches and mountains. Cancar Village becomes an alternative for those who want to get closer to nature. It is situated in East Manggarai Regency and offers stunning landscape. In order to reach such settlement, you need to pass through several nature attractions like hills, mountains, and trees. That means your trip is going to be comfortable and fun. Not to mention the weather is quite nice, as it is surrounded by nature. In the morning, you may encounter foggy environment as well.

That’s only the beginning. Once you reach Cancar Village, you can enjoy many attractions. The best one is the spider rice field, which appears unique and attractive. If you come in February, the rice field appears green and stunning. The locals may harvest the paddy in May, after all. The gusty wind blows those plants beautifully, just like a dance. Also, some local farmers gather in the fields for working. The combination of these features is somehow attractive and pleasing.

In May, the locals may perform a traditional ceremony prior to harvesting. These include the sacrifice of animals, especially chicken and goats. The purpose is to look for blessings from the ancestors. If not, it is likely the harvest won’t run smoothly. This kind of ceremony is also done before the planting process! The locals also give a prayer during the ceremony, as the hope abundant crops in the near future.

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How to Get There
From Kupang City, it takes approximately 24 hours as the distance is 630 km. It also involves several checkpoints, including Kijang and Larantuka District. Once you reach Flores Island, it is time to reach East Manggarai Regency and Ruteng District. Lastly, your destination is Cancar Village, where such unique rice field is located. It is going to be a long trip, but it rewards you with a stunning landscape in Cancar.

Where to Stay

  • Bintang Wisata Hotel
  • Virgo Hotel
  • Kembang Hotel
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